Control The Noise Inside The Classroom With Too Noisy

Control The Noise Inside The Classroom With Too Noisy

Controlling noise in the classroom is one of the most difficult tasks the teachers have. Too Noisy helps you transform it into something totally fun.Control the noise inside the classroom with Too Noisy

As a teacher you must be familiar with the noise you hear in the classroom, when the boys just entering the break or when very little time is left after school. Enter your concern for wanting to be heard and the energy the kids bring, that becomes a real madness. Our duty finally is to control the noise and tidying all within the classroom to continue with the activities.

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While there are strategies and methods to calm this energy, let us face it. At this time, not all are effective. Today, we present a tool that will help you cope with this complicated activity. It is just a wonderful application which you can download to your smartphone.Too Noisy Too Noisy is an application that assists teachers to monitor noise levels in the classroom through visual stimuli . The application interface is easy and full of color, shows a noise meter that increases as the noise level in the classroom increases beyond an acceptable level, and the background is amended to reflect that situation.


It also allows teachers to modify at any time the application sensitivity to perceive the noise. It is good to have a feature like this, depending on the age of the students or the activity being performed, because not all the noise has to be bad, right?

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Too Noisy can be used directly on a mobile device (iPhone, Android devices, iPod and iPad), but it is useful to make use of a projector or cannon, so that everyone in the classroom can visualize its operation. There are two versions of Too Noisy, one free and one paid for just $ 2.99.

Besides helping, this application offers a reward system . Your students will gain a star each time the meter has been in the acceptable noise level for a certain time.Keep Visiting Joeyparkermovement.

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