Facebook Messenger: 500 million users per monthPosted in Apps

Facebook Messenger: 500 million users per monthPosted in Apps

Facebook Messenger App continues to grow and has crossed the milestone of 500 million users per month.Facebook Messenger: 500 million users per month.Facebook Messenger reached the milestone of 500 million users per month. This is an important result that arises between Messenger messaging platforms used by most users. By way of comparison, the popular WhatsApp can rely on little more than 600 million users per month. One result, therefore, very important that it is emphasized by the statement, recently by Mark Zuckerberg is that, every day they are sent through IM, about 10 billion messages.

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This result also rewards the decision to Facebook Messenger App to separate from the official social network. A choice “painful” as he said himself, Mark Zuckerberg, but which served to provide a better user experience chat. Increasing results in terms of use Messenger, thus seems to agree with this decision.


The future of the Messenger was discussed a lot. The decision to have separated from the app’s official Facebook was not made just to improve the user experience, but also to facilitate the eventual implementation of new features.

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It appears that the story of Mark Zuckerberg there is a desire to turn IM into something more, than just a messaging platform. Just recently, in fact, a developer has found traces of a system of payments in the App Messenger for iOS, a feature that would allow users to exchange small amounts of money . A payment system that could also be used in the future for the platform of e-commerce in which the social network is working for some time.
In the coming months, therefore, Messenger is intended, in all probability, to become much more than just a chat system and a good chance to greatly increase its user base.Thanks For Visiting Joey Parker

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